Technology driven savings and banking.

We are enablers. Connecting the underserved to financial services by digitizing collective savings and providing seamless financial ecosystems.


Built to scale and deliver a unique financial experience to;


With our digital financial transformation tools, businesses can create sustainable ecosystems that relieve their finance departments of the burden of capital demands.


We have partnered with global and localized service providers to offer you real-time and on-demand payments and cash transfers. We provide multiple redemption options, including cash in/cash out.

Interest Groups

We enable saving groups to digitally simplify KYC, manage and grow savings, increase transparency, and ensure full member engagement while achieving lower costs of technology ownership.

What We Do

We are not a bank, savings or investment group. Our role is simply that of an enabling platform that offers four distinct advantages.

  • No setup fees
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to all platform tools

Our focus is to help individuals, businesses, and interest groups leverage technology to seamlessly manage their savings, investments, and payments while enhancing banking convenience, improving service delivery and transparency.

Digital banking for interest groups

Designed for savings, lending and investment groups to simplify their management, increase collaboration, and enhance communication to make mobilizing and disbursing funds more impactful. With our comprehensive financial management solutions, we offer these functional components: Member Management, Contributions & Shares, Savings & Loans, Income & Expenses, Budgeting & Accounting, Member Self-Service, and Admin Payments & Reporting.